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Dog Grooming

Each dog we groom gets the very best clip we can give, so we’ve made our grooming packages more inclusive to get the best results. We want each pooch to shine! 
All Packages Include:
  • Cleansing Head to Toe Bath Using shampoo appropriate for your dog’s skin and coat, making sure to lather and rinse twice for maximum cleaning.
  • Deep Conditioning Coat Treatment Creating a shiny coat and healthy skin, helping with loosening undercoat to make deshedding and detangling more effective.
  • Blow Dry and Brush Out Using a high velocity dryer to examine skin condition and rapidly blow out loose hair and undercoat.
  • Nail Trimming and Grinding First using clippers to take length off the nail, then using a grinder to smooth the surface.
  • Ear Cleaning Using a gentle cleanser to remove debris.
  • An adorable accessory! Choose a collar flower, bandana, tie, bowtie or topknot bow that suits your pet’s personality!
  • And, Of Course, Unlimited baby talking, reassurance, treats, cuddles and pictures!

Grooming Packages

Tidy PackageThis basic package is made for a pooch who needs some tidying up around edges, or maintenance between full body trims. After a cleansing bath, blow dry and brush out, we’ll trim around your dog’s face, paws and sanitary areas. 

Trim PackagePerfect for those with a naturally slightly long coat like many herding and hunting dogs. We’ll freshen your pet’s natural hair coat and trim around face, paws, sanitary areas, and body including chest, tummy, feathering and tail.

New ‘Do PackageDuring this head to toe coat trim, our talented groomers will style your pet to suit breed standards and your preferences. Your pooch will leave feeling energized and ready to show off!

Puppy’s First Groom PackageA happy introduction to grooming at a young age is important for puppies! We give a gentle introduction to the process of being groomed with extra positive reinforcement plus play breaks and time to explore, so the next visit is less scary! We’ve included toothbrushing + a take home toothbrush as our ‘Congratulations on Your New Puppy’ gift to you.

  • A la Carte Services with Appointment Nail Trimming & Grinding $10 Face Trim Sm/$10, Med/$12, Lg/$15
  • Add on Options Blueberry Facial Scrub $5 Anal Gland Expression $10 Tooth Brushing & Toothbrush $10 Furminator Deshedding Treatment $10
  • Potential Extra Charges *Anxious/Difficult Pet $10-$20 *Senior Pet $10 Severe Matting $10-$30 Deskunking Treatment $10-$30 Extra Undercoat Brushing/Removal $10-$20 Late for Appt (Express/Rush) $10 Late for Pick Up $10 *Only charged in situations where the groom time is greatly increased or a second handler is needed for assistance.