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Exotic Pet Grooming

Small Pet Nail Trim
All sizes (Rabbit, guinea pig, ferret) $10
Small pet nails can quickly grow too long and make your pet unable to move comfortably. Most small pets need a nail trim every 2-3 months.

Avian Nail Trim
All size $10
Nail trims are essential for the health and comfort of all birds. When your canary’s nails are getting stuck on cage bars or your parrot’s nails are getting caught on your clothes, they need a trim. During the grooming, we also round and file down razor sharp nail tips for the parrot owner’s comfort during handling. Nail trims are recommended every 2-3 months for most birds.

Wing Feather Trim
All sizes $10
While this is a service not necessary for all birds, it is a great way to keep your companion safe when they come out to play! Flighted birds should only be kept in fully bird proofed spaces and supervised while not in their enclosure. When a bird’s wings are trimmed, the groomer evenly shortens several feathers on each wing that enable the bird to get lift. Birds with their wings trimmed should be able to glide or flutter to the floor without dropping like a rock, but some stockier parrots can find this difficult if they are not strong fliers. The number of feathers trimmed depend on the bird’s size, flight experience and their owner’s needs and preferences. Feathers grow back depending on the individual bird’s moulting schedule so owners need to be watchful.

Beak Trim
All sizes $15
Bird beaks are constantly growing and being filed down while they climb, chew on toys and eat their food. Less enthusiastic chewers and birds with fast growing beaks may need regular beak maintenance to keep the proper shape and length for their species.