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Cat Grooming

Platinum Pooch Salon is now accepting bookings for cat grooming! We work with matted cats and those prone to becoming matted. We reserve the right to refuse grooms to cats who are need sedation in order to be safely groomed, or cats who’s coats are not matted. Due to the unpredictable nature of cats we are not able to guarantee a complete groom each time, but we do strive to remove the matted areas first so at least your cat is going home comfortable.

When bringing your cat in for a groom, it must be brought in a plastic or metal carrier with a familiar smelling blanket or towel. We book cat-only mornings so your kitty isn’t being worked on at the same time or in the same room as any dogs.

A nail clipping is included in each groom for our safety, no exceptions.

Just Nails $10 with appointment, $15 walk-in.
Spot Shaving $30+
Tummy Shave $50
Lion Cut $90